Discipline and Research – Essay Ideas ( part 1)

To choosing a game for my essay was kind of confusing for me because i wasn’t sure what game should I choose to talk about.  I have selected Halo 2 because its is most sold game and I thought I can find enough data on it. At this moment Im researching about this game, I already finish this game 2 times but I’m looking for a good resources.



About Easel (part2)

After we solve the problem with image uploader, another problem showed up. The registration form didn’t worked. We tried to change the codes or changing the table information in PhpMyAdmin but we couldn’t find it what was the problem. The problem was when we were trying to register in our website, there wasn’t any name come up in to our table in PhpMyAdmin. So after reasserting, asking and trying we just found it out that the problem was from the table that we created before. The Varchar on the table wasn’t right, it was a character limit of the username and password and accidentally we had set as 0. So it couldn’t upload anything and we didn’t know about that. Then we changed the setting to 15 to allow us for posting.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.20.53 AM

After we changed the whole Vachar limit on our table, the problem solved and fortunately we can register in our website like normal websites.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.01.56 AM

About Easel ( part 1)

Easel is a website that all of us agreed that we are going to create it as our project in the last semester. After we met Olly we set down and talking about the website. At the first step we were going to create the website as a gallery for museums in Bournemouth. After a while we agreed that our website should be a place for people to upload their art images and share it with the others. So we start to create and designing the website. In a first day we agreed to design it by dark purple. For a moment we thought purple is a good color for arts.So I start making a Sign up page to just send it to Olly.after we finished the design of our web we just realized all of the codes that we are using to uploading a pictures doesn’t work. Even we found lots of codes and none of them didn’t work. The problem was we had the image uploader button but when we chose any image from our laptop to upload in to our website, the images wouldn’t save in our table so we couldn’t have it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.32.03 PM 2

Then After a while we just realize that the problem is not about our codes actually our code was right and the problem was the DAKAR as Rob told us. So we couldn’t upload any images because dakar wouldn’t let us to upload any images and the whole thing about our website was uploading images. So we thought we need to change our idea and rebuild the website again with different idea. Then Olly told us that he has his own host and he can just move everything to his domain. So we talked to Rob about it and he said its totally fine. So at this moment we have our website that can upload the images and now we are working to make our registration form and other stuffs.

GROUP PROJECT: Contact US (part 2 )

According to the past few days, We created our contact us page in a very basic design. But there is a little change in our group and now we are 6 members in a group as Rob told us. So for our contact us page we add 3 more pictures with the informations  plus one group project at the top. For now these are the Easel’s team and hopefully we are going to make it so well.



This is our Contact Us page for the moment. We need to change a little of the design and put our group image instead of the dog. Right now we don’t have any group images so we put a random picture to show our work.


We have been given the brief for our new collaborative project and we have been placed in a different groups to create a website. In a first meeting with groups, we decided to create  Art Gallery Website. Our plan was going to the bournemouth museum and take some pictures of art pictures and put it in our website with all the informations. So we tried to draw the basic of our website on a paper first and then decide about design.

abbie 2

So we decided to create our home page like this picture. On the top is our title  and then put few random pictures from the gallery with different sizes and then information. But we are not sure to create it exactly like this picture in future and we still thinking about it.