Final Work (Developing Relalisation)

In order to conduct this survey first,I listed the name of the countries all over Europe, and then I tried to find the popular singers and music stars in these countries. In each country the names of stars are written from the most popular to the least popular. All my information is taken from two web sites that are cited in the reference section. Then I tried to find out what genre in music they are famous for. Therefore there is a list of different genres of music ranging from most famous to the least famous in a continuum. But showing this information in a continuum is likely to be boring and time-consuming. Then there a question was raised in my mind: “How this information can be shown to the reader or audience so that It can be appealing and charming and therefore much more influential?”   Nowadays a lot of efforts in different fields of study are made to make the addresses interested by using various methods. Methods spring from ideas and ideas must be fresh and original. Therefore old and repetitive themes and methods are not eye-catching and appealing, unless they are proven to be efficient for different generations in long periods of time. On the other hand, new works have to be informative in a sense that they can teach a great deal of information about a special topic in any field e.g. biology, human science ,etc in a short period of time. One of the ways of transferring a great deal of information is by showing a picture. Psychologists believe that human mind has a very powerful pictorial memory; this is based on the theory of dual coding of human mind proposed by Paivio. There are two systems for mental representation of human mind; one of them is Logogens – Verbal symbol system for coding (representation) of knowledge in at least three senses and another one is Imagens – Non-verbal symbol system for storing of knowledge in probably all five senses. I, here, have tried to use images and pictures. This picture can be a familiar and relative picture. Thus what first came to my mind was the map of Europe. In order to present the popular music through Europe, I have tried to come up with a creative and functional idea. Creative in a way that is interesting for the enthusiastic students, scholars and others; functional in a way that can show and thus transfer noticeable amount of information in a short glimpse. The map I have designed shows the countries all over Europe divided by their map colors. Maps are drawn in their flags’ color, that is to say for example Germany is shown in red, yellow and black. In each map the different popular music genres in different countries are written in maps according to their frequency in audience. In other words, the popular genres are written from the most famous-the largest font size- to the least famous-the smallest font size. The maps are not merely drawn but they are designed with words.  As an example some countries are taken: If we look at the map of France, we will see in its three color (blue, white, red) map that “pop” is the largest font, so it is the most popular genre and metal is the least popular because it is written in the smallest font size. Other genres like “Rock”, “Rap” ,”R&B” , “Classical” ,etc are in between i.e. they attract listeners in high quantity but not the highest quantity.  The same story goes with Germany ;the most famous is “Pop” and the least famous are “Metal”, “Soul” and “Country “;others are ranged in the middle. But it is different in countries like whose tops are “Rock”, “flamingo” and “Hip Hop”. The least famous are “metal”,”opera” and “R & B”. In England “pop” is the lead and “house” doesn’t seem to attract much attention. By having a brief look at all the countries a keen student will know that what is now popular in Europe is “pop“. “Metal” and “heavy metal” are classified in the groups of the least popularity.


The last thing to add, as you see from the previous post, my background was withe but because of some countries like France or UK I changed the background to light gray. Because they have withe color in their flags and it wasn’t look nice.

Here is the PDF format of my poster that you can see it in a better quality :

Ansari,Arman A2 poster


Here is the websites that I used as a references.

Serving the music industry since 2001: 49 charts, 39,455 songs and 15,532 artists in 824,236 chart entries, 106,363 news articles & 29,207 lyrics


Photos And Color ( Developing and Realisation )

People in different countries seem to have different tastes in art. For example if you ask a person in Netherlands that what kind music he listens to, he might answer like this:“I prefer easy listening and catchy tunes”.But if you repeat the same question to the same class-type of citizen in different country like Britain, you may here:“I prefer haunting melodies”

This matter of taste is not only for art of music, but it also can be applied to other types of art such as literature. Popular genres differ from time to time and land to land. The reason for this can be difference in people’s attitude towards politics, culture etc, or even geographical features. This is not what is going to be discussed here; What I have tried to do is not about “why” but it’s about “what” is popular in different countries.

Here is 1/3 of my poster that I’m trying to finish. At first I decided to create my map in black and white. But after I did it i was regret because it didn’t look good and nice. Also in black and white I couldn’t recognize what country is that. After I talked with my family and friends, they gave me a good suggestion that I can use the flags of the countries instead of being black and withe. So I used the images and by clipping mask technique in illustrator and changing a little color of flags, it looks perfect from my idea.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.48.12 PM

First Draft (Popular Music)

Finally I decided to choose What type of music is popular as my title to create my poster. I was researching a lot about what is the popular music in the world and honestly I couldn’t find a good result. The result that I found in internet was for America, Europe and Australia. Unfortunately I couldn’t find for Middle East and some part of East Asia. So I was thinking what is the best way for making a poster with a real references. So I decided to choose for Europe only because I thought it doesn’t make sense if I show America and Europe which means half of the world. So I started to research about popular music in Europe in 2014 and finally I found a really good website that was about popular songs in European countries. Of course each country has their own style, so first i found all the names of the songs first with the name of the singers, and then research again about them that what genre of music they are following and singing. One of the good points of that website was I could put the dates and then get the result from that time. As an example, for Germany I could find what is the popular songs in 2012 or 2011. But used 2014 for all the countries in Europe first and then what is the popular music in whole Europe.

This picture is the first draft that I created to understand more about my idea like what exactly I want to create and also to know is it a good idea or is it going to be nice and creative or not. First i started by making United Kingdom by words.


References :

Here is the websites that I used as a references.

Serving the music industry since 2001: 49 charts, 39,455 songs and 15,532 artists in 824,236 chart entries, 106,363 news articles & 29,207 lyrics

Making a Decision

Today, I was going to decide that which option should I choose for making a poster for our brief. I was researching about all of them to find out which one is more interesting for me and also which one I can represent it as a good poster. All of the choices was good and i had a lot of ideas about most of them but I was thinking too much too choose the right choice. We had 10 option too choose one out of ten. In the following, you can see a list of all the options.

  • Where have you been and when?
  • What is your social network?
  • How many documented meteor impacts have there been?
  • Who lives the longest?
  • What is the fattest country?
  • Where do different genders shop online?
  • Who knows each other and how in Star Wars?
  • What type of music is the most popular?
  • Who has the largest carbon footprint?
  • How does the hydrologic cycle (also called the water cycle) work?

At first, I decided to choose the second one which is, What is your social network ?. According to my past, I’m a big fan of social network and i’m using it every day literally. So I thought that one is the best that I can use to create my poster. But i was thinking in a few days and i didn’t like my ideas. Because they were too simple. So I decided again to change my option to What type of music is most popular ? I was thinking the best idea of showing popular music is the map of world. For example showing the world map with the popular musics or type of musics and represent it by dots. But I went to my lecture and my teacher told me everyone using map which is not good and I have to create it more creative. She gave me a good suggestion which i can make a map by musics words. At this moment I’m going to research about popular music in Europe only,because I couldn’t find a good reference for some part of world such as Middle East.