Development and Realisation – Research.

This is the first reference that we were told to visit and get some idea about posters, and how to create one and also meaning of the posters that they represents ideas as one picture. Here is the first website.( This website is designed for posters. Professionals and talented people are making a poster and they show it to people. The good thing of this website is when we open the first page, there are lot of option that we can choose for the poster. As an example, you can choose Arts, Obesity, Musics and etc. And then there are lot of posters with the same title. But unfortunately this website is for getting an idea about our job and how to create it. As I said before T4C website is created for only musics so I found a lot of charts and information about genre of music and singers.




These two websites helped me to find more officially about the popular music in the world. But the only problem was, it wasn’t for 2014  exactly. Basically it gave me an idea to create a chart for my poster about popular music in whole Europe.