HTML Work shop (part 1 )

today we started to working with HTML. Obviously it was a first time working by HTML so it was kind of basic stuff with Brackets which is program for writing a code. Similar to dreamweaver, Anyway for me this task was enjoyable and also confusing cause the style of program was like processing but more harder. So for the first time that i tried to create a simple website was so difficult and i tried like 3 times to remember it. Here are some of my pictures that i took from my website in class.

  10748831_10204498566517535_893482855_n 10799825_10204498566477534_639082246_n

This is the website that i created. i put a picture, texts and one basic program that i made it in processing and move it in this program. To be honest i need practice a lot for this program so I’m looking forward to developing more on this.