Easel, The Video

After we finish with the login and logout codes for the website, One me and Olly decided to upload the video on our main page. We thought using a video in the main page is much nicer and looks more professional instead of using a picture or background color. So we start searching in Google that how can we insert a video in the basic website. After few hours we found the codes and we start trying the codes. At first it didn’t work because we didn’t put the codes on the right place. But eventually, we made it and the video worked but there was a problem that we couldn’t put the video  like fullscreen on the background and we didn’t know why.  This is the codes of the video on CSS.


As you see our codes looks alright and it should work now but there is a problem that we couldn’t put the video as screen shot. We almost tried to change the codes for an hour and accidentally we just delete the dot before video word and it worked. All the problem came from a dot that we just did it so randomly.


We finally did it we put 7 seconds video of beach on our main page. The reason that we choose beach in lack and withe is we thought this website is about arts picture and the feeling of the beach with the sea it can be kind of classic. So this is the picture of our main page unfortunately its just a picture and to see the video you need to open our website.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 4.20.56 PM


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