About Easel ( part 1)

Easel is a website that all of us agreed that we are going to create it as our project in the last semester. After we met Olly we set down and talking about the website. At the first step we were going to create the website as a gallery for museums in Bournemouth. After a while we agreed that our website should be a place for people to upload their art images and share it with the others. So we start to create and designing the website. In a first day we agreed to design it by dark purple. For a moment we thought purple is a good color for arts.So I start making a Sign up page to just send it to Olly.after we finished the design of our web we just realized all of the codes that we are using to uploading a pictures doesn’t work. Even we found lots of codes and none of them didn’t work. The problem was we had the image uploader button but when we chose any image from our laptop to upload in to our website, the images wouldn’t save in our table so we couldn’t have it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.32.03 PM 2

Then After a while we just realize that the problem is not about our codes actually our code was right and the problem was the DAKAR as Rob told us. So we couldn’t upload any images because dakar wouldn’t let us to upload any images and the whole thing about our website was uploading images. So we thought we need to change our idea and rebuild the website again with different idea. Then Olly told us that he has his own host and he can just move everything to his domain. So we talked to Rob about it and he said its totally fine. So at this moment we have our website that can upload the images and now we are working to make our registration form and other stuffs.


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