GROUP PROJECT: Contact US (part 1 )

At the first step to create a website, I met my group mates and we were asked to create a contact us page that will be used in our final project. This is the basic design that we created for our contact page which is a picture of Abbie, Richard and me. And we just put our bio that why we chose Digital Media Design and also our personal informations like date of birth and etc. We used bracket program to just design the very basic website. This is just for now and in next few days we are probably change the design like changing a background or create a nav bar.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 12.12.28 AM


This is our Contact Us page for the moment but hopefully we are add something and make it more professionally. We also going to put a group picture of our group mates in the page as well. And also this is a basic coding of the page. For now its so basic but it will be change.


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