Participatory Culture

Participatory Culture is the most often applied to producing, creating and publishing media product such as pictures videos. The good examples of this case is Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or etc. Twitter  one of the most famous website that people from all over the world using it as different ways. People who have account can  post pieces of media on to their own wall which is their own page or they can post it on their friends wall that actually creating a network post and sharing between some mutual friend and then obviously peoples personal thoughts, opinions and ideas for sure.

This culture is not only in socially way. it has academically way as well. The best example can be Wikipedia or all the wiki pages. In Wiki’s page, same as other websites we need to create an account and then we can just have a big collection of everything that we can imagine from photos, videos or just articles. Also there are some different rules in wikis that it can’t be in social networks websites. One of the important rules is copyright rule. In wiki everyone should know that they can not use the others pictures and publish it.

Participatory Culture is really helpful i our group project as a matter of fact. It was a great idea to just looking at well rounded examples and then sharing our ideas with everyone in this world by uploading.


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