As a homework, we were asked to reorganize our weblog and make it more efficiency. In our last lecture Garrett mentioned some useful points to create a professional web blog. He gave us some points about text, images size, videos, tags and categories.


At the first was text. One of the important parts in web log which is always use is text. As Garrett said in our lecture, texts should be massive and huge. Instead it should be short with the whole point. Garrett mentioned if massive text makes people bored because its not like an essay. All the topics should be split between 3 or 4 posts.. To be honest i have never try this points and i will definitely take this on board with my new system.


Video is another way to show our research in the weblog which i have never try it. I always using images in my weblog but Garrett suggested us to use video sometimes. Because video is sometimes easier for the person who checking the weblog and also it makes it more professional. Uploading a video is different from images because obviously we can’t just copy the links and paste it to our weblog. All we need to do is just copy the code of video and paste it in HTML.


Categories is one the ways that we can organize our weblog.As Garrett said, our weblog shouldn’t have too many categories and until now I have eleven. But I can change it because some of them can be in  a same categories.


In this case, we tagging the key words of each posts which it helps to find the old post easier and faster. Tagging is also important in blogging system. Because with out tagging system finding old posts is really hard. So for example for this post Im going to tag it as  Design for Digital Media Environments Blogging System.


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