Contrast – Academic paper vs review: Age Of Empires

Multiplayers Online playing game is a way that people from all over the world, trading, chatting or fighting together. Age of Empire is one of the game in this world that people start to creating a civilization for them selves and trying to becoming a big empire to fight with the others.

The Academy allows the player to train elite infantry units: the Hoplide, Phalanx, and Centurion. They are fairly expensive, but worth their cost as they form a solid core with which to assault an enemy settlement.  Researching Architecture in the government center increases the points and decreases construction time. The Academy is available from Bronze age onwards. Persians are the only civilization that cannot train units from the Academy.

The game based on three chapters cover the neo-Assyrian Empire from 934 to 610 BCE, looking at political history, military and imperial organisation, and the court political system. Three chapters cover Babylonia from 900 to 539 BCE, looking at politics, economic and social life, and religion and scribal culture. And two chapters cover the satrapy of Babylonia under the Achaemenids and Seleucids. This material gives an outline of the political and military history, the apparatus of imperial rule, and the life and economics of the great religious sanctuaries. It also reveals something of urban life, especially in Babylonia, and of the religious and scholarly cultural traditions that continued throughout the period.


The academic paper comply with the fact and characteristic of the game in real life.  like there is no like or dislike about the games. in academic paper, They describing a game with all the details and information.

The review is about the opinion of players about the game. for example, for the review of the game we can go to the main website of the game and see how people react about the game. Usually for review some websites put the star ranks from 1-5 stars and then players can vote for game.


As always there are some positive points and negative points in Review and Academic paper. But the point is in academic paper they are always talks about the game details and there is no opinion about the game. Review is based on opinion of players that they played the game and then they just put some comments or describing a game from their own point of view.

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