Photos And Color ( Developing and Realisation )

People in different countries seem to have different tastes in art. For example if you ask a person in Netherlands that what kind music he listens to, he might answer like this:“I prefer easy listening and catchy tunes”.But if you repeat the same question to the same class-type of citizen in different country like Britain, you may here:“I prefer haunting melodies”

This matter of taste is not only for art of music, but it also can be applied to other types of art such as literature. Popular genres differ from time to time and land to land. The reason for this can be difference in people’s attitude towards politics, culture etc, or even geographical features. This is not what is going to be discussed here; What I have tried to do is not about “why” but it’s about “what” is popular in different countries.

Here is 1/3 of my poster that I’m trying to finish. At first I decided to create my map in black and white. But after I did it i was regret because it didn’t look good and nice. Also in black and white I couldn’t recognize what country is that. After I talked with my family and friends, they gave me a good suggestion that I can use the flags of the countries instead of being black and withe. So I used the images and by clipping mask technique in illustrator and changing a little color of flags, it looks perfect from my idea.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.48.12 PM


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