First Draft (Popular Music)

Finally I decided to choose What type of music is popular as my title to create my poster. I was researching a lot about what is the popular music in the world and honestly I couldn’t find a good result. The result that I found in internet was for America, Europe and Australia. Unfortunately I couldn’t find for Middle East and some part of East Asia. So I was thinking what is the best way for making a poster with a real references. So I decided to choose for Europe only because I thought it doesn’t make sense if I show America and Europe which means half of the world. So I started to research about popular music in Europe in 2014 and finally I found a really good website that was about popular songs in European countries. Of course each country has their own style, so first i found all the names of the songs first with the name of the singers, and then research again about them that what genre of music they are following and singing. One of the good points of that website was I could put the dates and then get the result from that time. As an example, for Germany I could find what is the popular songs in 2012 or 2011. But used 2014 for all the countries in Europe first and then what is the popular music in whole Europe.

This picture is the first draft that I created to understand more about my idea like what exactly I want to create and also to know is it a good idea or is it going to be nice and creative or not. First i started by making United Kingdom by words.


References :

Here is the websites that I used as a references.

Serving the music industry since 2001: 49 charts, 39,455 songs and 15,532 artists in 824,236 chart entries, 106,363 news articles & 29,207 lyrics


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