KINETIC TYPOGRAPHY , Video ( part 2)

For our last task we should create a typography by using after effects. So i decided to write a lyrics of my favorite song of Jamie Woon (shoulda) in after effects and just created like a animation. Basically the task wasn’t that difficult that i expected but it took long time to finish it. After effects is a little confusing program so i decided to look on Youtube and find some practice clip which i found some to learn how to work with this program. This is the clip that i just use it to get know more about this program.

This Video help me a lot because i also forgot some technique that i learned from class. After i watched this video i tried to make one with my favorite song which its not any more, here is my result.

Some of the things that I found difficult were getting the lyrics to line up with the song, this made the process more difficult and made it take a lot of time, in the next project maybe choosing a shorter song or something where the words spoken are more like a speech or a conversation instead of a song.

Another thing was not knowing after effects very well, a lot of the buttons were confusing to understand and didnt offer any help, the youtube video I watched was helpful but I was still stuck for a while pressing buttons and trying to find some help.



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