the pictures that I’m using for long exposure is about sky, cloud and sunset. i think these pictures are the good example for long exposure. because while we were taking a photos we didn’t move the camera and we just wait for the sun to move.

1) this is the first shot of sun


2) this is the second shot and as you see the difference


3) in this shot the sun is more clear on the sky and more bright


4) As we see at this shot we alms have a sun


5) And at the end its going to pale


In my idea i think these shots should be a good example. because we can understand the meaning of long exposure.

Getting the shots was hard because it took long time to take a right one. Because i took these shots with the small digital camera and the result was grainy and the sun doesn’t come to the trees very well. So next time I’m going to use DSLR camera to take a better shots. The good point of DSLR is i can take shots faster with the good quality. I’m sure if I took these shots by DSLR, they looks so much better.


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